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Bumbee Wooden Rainbow Blocks Stacker - 7 Pieces

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Title: Bumbee Wooden Rainbow Blocks Stacker - 7 Pieces

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Bumbee Wooden Rainbow Blocks Stacker - 7 Pieces

Bumbee Wooden Rainbow Blocks Stacker - 7 Pieces

  • Enhances Gross & Fine Motor Skills: Stacking pieces makes your child use his hands, arms, and fingers. Wooden stacking toys thus promote better hand-eye coordination and help develop gross and fine motor skills.
  • Stimulates Brain Development: The Rainbow Stacker offers advantages beyond improved body coordination. Additionally, it fosters your childs ability to solve problems. In order to stack pieces higher, a child can use logical reasoning to consider the size of the stack. It helps them in acquiring new skills.
  • Colour & Size Recognition: These semi-circles in a spectrum of colours effectively enforce concrete concepts like sorting by size and colour. The arches can be combined to create many design patterns. Kids can stack these wooden objects in various architectural formations to see which ones topple over and which ones can support more weight.
  • Boosts Creativity: Children can begin to comprehend abstract ideas and thoughts like their imagination through their experiences and engagement with the actual world. With this, they can construct the things they want to play with, moving them beyond the point when they can only use what they already have.
  • Nesting & Stacking Ability: Since you can stack the Rainbow Stacker in unusual ways, it makes for a great holding toy. As your child develops, the rainbow will change to reflect their expanding imagination and increasing capacity for building intricate structures, further teaching them how to nest and stack.

Know More About This Product:
The Rainbow Stacker is a wooden rainbow consisting of seven arch-shaped pieces of wood that stack on top of one another in order of increasing size to form a standing rainbow. Because they are attractive to look at and are designed to be played with, stacked, and utilised in a variety of ways to stimulate a childs creativity, these open-ended toys are extremely popular.

Brand - Firstcry Intelliskills
Type - Stacker Toy
Manufacturer Recommended Age - 3 Years+
Material - Natural Wood and Child-Safe, Eco-Friendly Colours
Dimensions - L 19.54 x B 29.7 x H 1.10 cm Product SKU : 2023004 Stock Info : 46:1;49:1;AM:1;VK:1; origin_country : IN importer_name : null importer_address : null

Bumbee Wooden Rainbow Blocks Stacker - 7 Pieces