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Ekta Jumping Monkey Big Multicolor

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Ekta Jumping Monkey Big Multicolor

Ekta Jumping Monkey Big Multicolor

Rs. 446.00
Ekta Jumping Monkey Big Multicolor

Jumping Monkeys Board Game - An action packed game, where you catapult all your monkeys into the tree get bananas. The player with most bananas is the winner! A CozyB game for 4 players. A game with excitement & loads of fun. Enjoy it with your family or friends. Catapult all your monkeys into the Tree first & Win In this fast & funny action game, youre trying to be the first player to get all the four of your monkeys into the Tree to win the round If you are really sharp you might land your monkey & knock off an opponent?s monkey at the same time! Way to Go! Be the first to land all your monkeys & you will win a Bunch of Bananas! When all the bananas are gone the player with the most wins!


Physical & Mental Development

Helps in Mind Development
Helps in Creativity & Imagination
Increases concentration power
Hand & Eye Co-ordination.
Develops Motor Skills, Attention Span Building, Analysis & Critical Thinking

Material - Halves of trees , 2 circles of leaves, 16 monkeys and bananas.

Experience The Achievements Of DIY This toys for kid comes with step by step instruction book. Kids can experience the joy and accomplishment brought by continual conquest, which will help the kids creative thinking ability and intellectual development.

Care Instructions- Suitable for the children of 5 years and above Product SKU : 8906000251850 Stock Info : 46:2;49:2;AM:;VK:-1; origin_country : IN